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As responsible manufacturer of botanical extracts we use green solvents for extractions and adopts eco-friendly extraction processes. Our validated extraction process isolates the actives at higher efficiencies without compromising the quality. We have dedicated product lines for different categories and these lines have equipment like solid liquid extractors, Liquid- Liquid Extractors (LLE), rising film evaporators (RFE), Falling Film Evaporators ( FFE), Flash Evaporators (FE) etc.. We also utilises the moderns extraction techniques like super Critical Fluid Extraction ( SCFE) to make eco-friendly and green products.


    Purification is the technique of enriching the active constituents in the crude extract or oleoresin. This process ensures the standardization of botanical extracts. We at Ingex Botanicals uses different purification techniques based on the nature of the active components. Our downstream capacity in the purification block is matching with extraction capacity. Purification section have equipment like reactors, glass line reactors, crystallisers, centrifuge, filter press, agitated nutche filter , sparkler filter, leaf filter, chromatographic purification column, multi stage evaporators etc..


We have various drying equipment and the selection of right dryer is based on nature of the product. We follows validated drying process for each product as drying is the very important stage that determines the product quality. Ingex is equipped with dryers like Hot air Tray Dryers, Passive heating vacuum dryers , spray dryer with atomiser, Fluidized bed dryer etc..

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    Formulation and finishing

    Standardisation of herbal extracts based on customer specifications is achieved in this division. Batch to Batch consistency in terms of all quality parameters is strictly followed and monitored by quality control before final packing. Ingex Botanicals formulation and finishing division have all cGMP equipment for size reduction, size separation, blending , granulation, compaction, homogenisation, barrier coating etc.. Our entire formulation and finishing division is CLASS 100000 clean room with HVAC single pass air control system.