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Coffee Bean Extract

Among the most common beverages, coffee holds the largest health benefits due to its variety of chemicals. With green coffee, you are likely to feel active and refreshed, as it boosts metabolism, beats stress, and reduces weight.

It appears that most research on coffee has been centered on caffeine's potential health benefits. Coffee contains many polyphenols, including chlorogenic acids (CGAs), which are believed to act as antioxidants. Chlorogenic acid is the ester of caffeic acid and (−)-quinic acid, functioning as an intermediate in lignin biosynthesis. In coffee, it is found in high concentrations. It has been demonstrated that chlorogenic acid and its related compounds display a variety of biological profiles, including an antidiabetic effect, a DNA protection effect, and a neuroprotective effect.

Incredible Health Benefits of
Green Coffee Bean Extract
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Regulates Blood Sugar

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Promotes Weight Loss

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Potent Anti-ageing Effects

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Controls Blood Pressure

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Boosts Mood

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A recent study showed that CGA has biological properties, as well as antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It is postulated that CGA is able to exert pivotal roles on glucose and lipid metabolism regulation and on the related disorders, e.g. diabetes, cardiovascular disease (CVD), obesity, cancer, and hepatic steatosis.